Did Hotchkiss just bold words randomly, or did she think this would be a textbook or what?

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It’s spooky when Red starts acting scared and runs back to his treehouse. This whole scene was so effective.

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Alien Abduction light - UFO lamp, conceived by Lasse Klein is a unique lighting unit which is shaped like an alien saucer or a UFO.


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That awkward moment when a girl in a computer game gets hit on by more guys than you.

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"Life is like a box of chocolates." they say.

All the chocoaltes boxes in the Nancy Drew games are either…

  • a) Poisoned.
  • b) Full of cockroaches.
  • c) Used to relay messages by a group of criminals.

I sure hope my life isn’t like any of those boxes.

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make me choose: Frank Hardy or Ned Nickerson

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Rated E for Everyone

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Can you imagine Nancy going through airport security?

"Excuse me, I need one more bin for my turkey slice, priceless ancient artifacts, wooden plank, sledgehammer, confidential documents, glowstick, shovel, metal detector, old key, other old key, broken key, key I’m not supposed to have, turpentine, oranges, missing person’s candy, dead person’s candy, robotic cat part…"

And TSA is like, “Well, as long as you don’t have a tweezers.”


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Has anyone gotten anything other than this award? I only talked to them when it was necessary for game progression.

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